Individual Services


Individual Services

Managing your assets is a heavy responsibility. We can lighten the load by providing specialized investment advice for your business. At Investment Dock, we seek to build meaningful relationships with our clients, which includes having a detailed understanding of their businesses. We concentrate on developing a deep understanding of your goals and offer customized services at each stage of our engagement to ensure that our people and processes complement the culture and values of your organization.

As many business owners quickly learn, your efforts are better spent elsewhere, namely building a successful business. Investing requires informed decisions. At Fort Pitt Capital, we provide you with a proven solution: objective investment advice and insight that allows you to spend your energy where it counts – running your organization.

Personal Financial Services To Reach Your Goals

It’s not enough to just consider investments anymore. Because life gives us surprises, challenges, and changes, you need to have a trusted advisor who makes you feel secure about your future.

Plan Your Retirement

Invest Your Savings

Sell Your Business

Put Our Financial
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Goal-Based Management of Institutional Portfolios

Our Services Are

  • Based on your personal needs and circumstances
  • Focused and disciplined with an emphasis on trust, integrity, expertise, and service
  • Designed to mitigate the amount of loss sustained during a market decline while optimizing overall investment returns
  • Based on unbiased, professional experience